Tinkering with a 0.96″ OLED and MicroPython

I recently came across a couple of small OLED displays in my "ebay box", which I had forgotten I bought. These things are really neat.  They are small, low power, lightweight 128x64 displays, that only cost around $4-5.  They use the I2C protocol, which makes it pretty painless to get something up and running on... Continue Reading →

ESP8266 Garage Door Monitor/Controller [part 1]

  Background We have a problem at my house of the garage door being left open at night.  To solve this problem, I want to implement a system that will detect when the door is opened or closed, and after a certain time of day will close it automatically if there hasn't been any activity. ... Continue Reading →

ESP8266 Door Monitor Web-Server

  Forward This project is from quite awhile ago (last year some time).  I wanted to write a little bit about it just for my own sake, just so I don't completely forget how I did certain things.  This won't really be a how-to, mostly because: I would say about 80% of this is just... Continue Reading →

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